Mr. Sonu holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. His passion lies in hardware design, including PCB designing, 3D designing, and creating IoT-enabled devices.

As an IoT developer, Mr. Sonu has experience in designing IoT architectures, selecting sensors and actuators, and establishing connectivity through communication protocols. He is skilled in programming microcontrollers and developing firmware for efficient device control.

He is specialized in PCB designing, creating layouts and connections for electronic components to ensure functionality and reliability. Additionally, his expertise in 3D designing allows him to visualize and prototype IoT devices before manufacturing, enhancing their integration into various environments.

Mr. Sonu is driven by the opportunity to make everyday objects IoT-enabled, and he is excited about the potential of the Internet of Things. With his hardware knowledge and IoT skills, he is aiming to create intelligent systems that improve efficiency and connectivity.